Recruit talented specialists with a niche job board

[Depreciated] Starting April 21, 2021, this feature will no longer be available to new clients. Remaining inventory can be purchased separately below. Learn more

The Polygon app at work

Build your brand with a white-label job board

[Depreciated] Tailor your custom job board to fit your company's branding by changing colors, logos, and more. Connect a custom domain name to fully white-label and make it your own.

  • Target niche industries and attract hard-to-find specialists and experts with unique expertise
  • Immediate industry visibility and brand recognition with potential applicants and job seekers

Why +150 companies across the world chose FlareScout

Ready to use in under 24 hours

How it works. White-glove transfer specialist.

14 day money-back guarantee

Assign, merge, edit tasks with our flexible recruiting management interface

Friendly 24/7 customer support

Drop in and meet our team. Customer first

Secure and simple transfer

Safe payments by Stripe How it works. Escrow. Get domain first.

Award-winning design and engineering

Stop wasting time with long email threads and tedious scheduling problems

Safe payments by Stripe

Leading payment provider. No access to your information

Integrates with your favorite tools

Organize your live recruiting events using the same tools you use for hiring

Hundreds of satisfied customers

Simplify and automate even the most complex on-boarding and document workflows


Frequently asked questions

  • What are the items for sale above?

    Over the years, we've helped hundreds of leading companies develop targeted, niche job boards. The products for sale are either fully functioning job board applications or premium domain names we acquired for customer projects that were canceled or stopped. As we will no longer offer this feature after April 21, 2021, these remaining assets are available for customers or other interested parties to purchase.

  • Why are some listings for domain names only?

    If a project was stopped or canceled before completion, only the domain name acquired for the project is for sale. We do not sell partially completed or untested properties. Any job board listed is guaranteed under our engineering SLA and has been audited to ensure production quality.

  • What is FlareScout exactly?

    We're an end-to-end talent acquisition platform with features like application tracking, on-boarding automations, recruiting sequences, and much more. Until recently, we also offered fully customized white-label job boards as an extension of our platform. As of this month, however, the feature is being depreciated for new users and associated assets are being sold. Job boards and domain names are not part of our core offering and are only available for purchase during the transition.

  • Is there a live demo of a job board available to see?

    Yes, view a demo here.

  • What happens after I purchase a job board or domain name?

    Here's what happens next: 1) your payment gets processed by our partner, 2) the domain or app is placed in an escrow account to keep it safe, 3) a transfer specialist contacts you to help you take ownership of the asset. Our white-glove transfer process makes everything simple and secure, especially for less technology-savvy buyers.

  • Why are white-label job boards being depreciated on April 21, 2021?

    Simply put, customizations are very time-intensive. We realized that job boards had prevented us from focusing on other core features of our platform, so we decided to depreciate the feature. Please notice that existing customers will not be effected. However, new clients will not have access to this feature moving forward.

  • What is your 14-Day Buyer Guarantee and refund policy?

    The FlareScout team stands 100% behind every product and service we provide. If a customer isn't satisfied, we offer a no-questions asked full refund for 14 days after the date of sale. There are no exceptions or fine print, but if you want to read all the details, see our terms of service.

  • What else do we do to protect customers?

    Our trusted payment partner handles all payment information end-to-end. We do not have access or store sensitive data. We also guarantee full refunds to customers unsatisfied with our products or services. Importantly, all sales are 100% private. That said, if privacy is not a concern and you've made a large purchase. Contact your account executive and we'll publish a quick press release announcing your acquisition like we do for our large corporate clients.

  • Are other payment options available e.g. bank wire or bitcoin?

    Yes, other payment options are available on request, including installment plans and 3rd party escrow for larger purchases.

  • Do I have to be an existing customer to make a purchase?

    No. Our hiring and recruiting platform is a separate SaaS service unrelated to the products above. You do not need to be a paid customer of our platform to purchase any item listed. Listings were first made available to existing clients, but as of now, all items are available to the public. Long story short, anyone can make a purchase.


Integrates with all your recruiting tools

Connects with your favorite tools and platforms so your data is always up to date


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"We’ve been so pleased with the initial results we've seen [using the platform] and have no doubt we’ll be able to scale our goals to 15 tech hires per month in the coming year."


David Jackson

CEO at Fullstack Labs

"This [in-person interview] process is not possible for us right now due to the [COVID-19] crisis. This tool has helped us be more efficient during this time and get our jobs done. Thank you!"


Jesus Loera

International Accounting Manager at FROSCH

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